Reimagined Community Grounds to function as quality public green space, expand access to the performing arts.

MILWAUKEE (May 31, 2022) – Today, the Marcus Performing Arts Center broke ground on its exterior renovations, kicking off a new phase of its Campus Master Plan with the planting of 24 honey locust trees. With an emphasis on accessible community gathering spaces, the re-envisioned grounds will provide an open, park-like setting and enhanced ADA accommodations.

“Our vision for the grounds is to foster an accessible public gathering space for the community to engage with the performing arts both within the Center and beyond it,” said Marcus Performing Arts Center President and CEO Kendra Whitlock Ingram. “We’re proud to be a champion of the city’s rich performing arts culture, and we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to an improved communal space to enjoy and experience performances, events, and more.”

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