REDI Racial Equality Diversity and Inclusion at the Marcus Center

Listen. Learn. Share. Act.

Marcus Performing Arts Center continues to be actively engaged in strengthening our commitment to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI).  This journey began years ago – now it takes center stage for our organization.  

To fully reflect our community, we understand that focused and intentional action is required to ensure our commitment is reflected in everything we do.

A strategic decision to not only evaluate the Marcus Center’s current REDI initiatives and practices, but also deepen our REDI commitment across the organization was fully embraced by our board, management team, staff and community advocates. We spent time listening, learning and sharing – both inside and outside the organization over the past year.

As a result …

We clearly recognize that this process is a marathon and not a sprint, requiring that we are always thinking, acting, and listening with a REDI lens. Below are the specific goals and actions to which we have committed, and the metrics we will use to track our progress.

The Marcus Center will report regularly on our progress towards these goals and expect that our community will help hold us accountable.


Marcus Performing Arts Center commits to creating a more racially representative and equitable community at the Center so that we may continue to build bridges between diverse members of our community through high-quality arts entertainment.

REDI Task Force at the Marcus-Center in Milwaukee