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41st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration

The Marcus Performing Arts Center has celebrated Dr. King’s Birthday annually since 1984. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration programming highlights the youth in our community who interpret Dr. King’s words through student contests. Winners will be showcased at a free celebration event held in the Marcus Performing Arts Center.


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Montgomery, Alabama, August 11, 1957

Contest information coming soon!

Grades K-2
1st Place            Akeela Walker – Milwaukee German Immersion School
2nd Place           Faith Skreland – Milwaukee German Immersion School

Grades 3-5 
1st Place            Amya Ramos – Luther Burbank School
2nd Place           Rana Arlwais – I.D.E.A.L. School
3rd Place           Emma Vang – Richard Kluge School

Grades 6-8 
1st Place            Rinlanee Xiong – Wedgewood Park International School
2nd Place           Claire Cruz – Wedgewood Park International School
3rd Place           Safwaan Aqueel – Salam School

Grades 9-12 
1st Place            Geraldine Maldonado – Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education
2nd Place           Aida El-Hajjar – University School of Milwaukee
3rd Place           Paw Wah Ker Boh – Milwaukee High School of the Arts

Grades K-2
1st Place            Cameron Barki – Lowell Elementary
2nd Place           Mason Walker – Eastbrook Academy
3rd Place           Haniah Cross – Craig Montessori School

Grades 3-4 
1st Place            Eddie Smith – Craig Montessori School
2nd Place           Zebdee Larfeeva – Golda Meir School
3rd Place           Ashe Henry – Lowell Elementary

Grades 5-6
1st Place            Zaida Smith – Samuel Clemens School
2nd Place           Renad Kabashi – Golda Meir School
3rd Place           Priscilia Nsau – Lowell Elementary

Grades 7-8 
1st Place            Victoria Gagliano – Louisa May Alcott School
2nd Place           Dahlia Santiago – Golda Meir School
3rd Place           Bibi Mohamed Yunus – Victory School

Grades 9-10 
1st Place            Basma Sarsour – Salam School
2nd Place           Sage Marshall – Eastbrook Academy
3rd Place           Dadria Veal – Golda Meir School

Grades 11-12 
1st Place            Nevaeha Tarver – Golda Meir School
2nd Place           Jonah Denae – Milwaukee High School of the Arts
3rd Place           Nathan Merriweather – University School of Milwaukee

Grades 2-3
1st Place            Khalise Warren – Richard Kluge School
2nd Place           Lore’al Douglas – Richard Kluge School
3rd Place           Gianna Rivera – Honey Creek School

Grades 4-5 
1st Place            Journee Grandberry – Samuel Clemens School
2nd Place           Amere Brewer – Samuel Clemens School
3rd Place           Renad Kabashi – Golda Meir School

Grade 6
1st Place            Meadow Mertes – Fernwood Montessori School
2nd Place           June Rickman – Fernwood Montessori School
3rd Place           Layla Parker – Fernwood Montessori School

Grades 7-8
1st Place            Mylah Monk – Congress School
2nd Place           GuZa Nar – Victory School
3rd Place           Michael Tempesta – Burdick School

Grades 9-10
1st Place            Isaiah Washington – Riverside University High School
2nd Place           Abdul Sarip – Riverside University High School
3rd Place           Bruce Harris – Riverside University High School

Grades 11-12
1st Place            Anuar Begum – Milwaukee High School of the Arts
2nd Place           Saleem Kadadha – Salam School
3rd Place           Kimberly Martinez-Sierra – Golda Meir School

Event dates

January 20, 2025 @ 4:00 pm

Contest information coming soon!

For all ages

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