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The Rapture

The Rapture

“The Rapture” is a Gospel Musical set in the modern times and it’s coming to the Marcus Center’s Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall on February 25-26. People of today are deciding if they will allow the cares of the world to reveal their true character and live for Christ or will they succumb to worldly pleasures and miss “The Rapture”. Mario J. Brown the narrator depicts the story in a unique humble voice while delivering graceful vocals throughout the dramatization. T Dot Kingsby (the pimp) is as funny as it gets when he interrupts the story with his ladies of the night. Let’s not forget that in every great church there is a fake pastor somewhere lurking attempting to fleece the sheep. Mark Jefferson, deviant (fake pastor) demonstrates a deception of pulpit etiquette at the Hard Work Full Deliverance Church.

This show's performances are over.

Wilson Theater at Vogel Hall

Feb 25, 2017 - Feb 26, 2017

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Jan 20, 2017
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