Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Sales

What information do I need in order to book a group?

What is considered a "group?"

Are there special group types?

How can I make a reservation for my group?

What is the payment policy?

What are the payment options for group tickets?

Is there a service charge for group tickets?

Once the order has been made, can groups change their ticket counts?

Do groups all have to sit together?

Where is the group entrance?

Is there motor coach parking?

Does the Marcus Center have a food service provider?

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Booking & Renting

How many theaters do you have and what are their capacities?

What dates are available and what are the charges?

Does the Marcus Center present or co-present shows?

Are there special rates for non-profit groups? Can we bring our own equipment and technical staff?

Are there special rates for non-profit groups?

Can we sell our own tickets?

Do you rent spaces for meetings and catered events?

Can we bring in our own food and beverages?

Can I bring alcohol onto the grounds for outdoor events?

Can you provide AV service?

Is there convenient parking?

What are the bus routes to the Marcus Center?

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Box Office

How do I take advantage of presale offers?

What forms of payment does the Box Office accept?

Can I reserve tickets by phone and then come down and purchase them in person?

What happens if a show gets canceled?

What are the best seats in the house?

Are there student or senior discounts available for a specific show?

What are the ticket holder terms and conditions?

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