Raise the Curtain at the Marcus Center - Fundraiser


The power of the stage to unite knows no boundaries. Whatever our backgrounds, whatever our circumstances, we all have the capacity to feel a sense of wonder, to be dazzled by the sights and sounds, to love, to laugh, and to cry. Live performance draws out these emotions, and when we feel them, we feel them together.

Right now, our stages are dark. As much as we’d like to be here, together, sharing the joy of experiencing live performing arts, we’re stuck in a temporary intermission. But the lights will come back on, the arts will return, and we can all ensure that curtain rises again soon, together.

We invite you to join in our mission with a tax-deductible contribution to Name Your Seat in Uihlein Hall. Seats start at just $600 and will remain named for 10 years.

The Marcus Center is working to Raise The Curtain, ensuring that when we welcome our community back through our doors, the light that performing arts shines upon our community is as bright as it has ever been.



There are three tiers included in Name Your Seat in Uihlein Hall:

- Tier One: Mezzanine/Orchestra

  • $3,000 for 1 seat or $5,000 for pair

- Tier Two: Loge

  • $1,500 for 1 seat or $2,500 for pair

- Tier Three: Balcony

  • $600 for 1 seat or $1,000 for pair


Seat locations will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Raise the Curtain at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee Fundraiser
  • Raise the Curtain at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee Fundraiser
  • Raise the Curtain at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee Fundraiser
  • Raise the Curtain at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee Fundraiser
  • Raise the Curtain at the Marcus Center in Milwaukee Fundraiser


How will my gift be used to support the Marcus Center?

Name Your Seat in Uihlein Hall gifts will support the Marcus Center’s new Raise the Curtain campaign. Like every performing arts and cultural organization across the country, the Marcus Center is confronted with a new normal as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Marcus Center was among the first businesses to close, and unfortunately, we will be among the last to re-open.

Our ability to adapt and thrive in this changing world is possible because of the commitment and support of our supporters, subscribers and partners.

Whether your named seat is an expression of your own love for the performing arts or a way to honor or celebrate a loved one, your gift will help ensure the Marcus Center remains a source of community and togetherness for years to come.

Together, through the Raise the Curtain Campaign, we will improve the Marcus Center for our community and our artists.

Can I make my gift in installments or via check?

The Marcus Center development team is ready to discuss an installment plan that is comfortable and convenient for you. Whether you are paying in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments, we kindly request that you fulfill your pledge within two years.

Please complete this PLEDGE FORM and return it via email to give@marcuscenter.org or via mail to:
Marcus Center Seat Campaign
929 N Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Will my gift to Name Your Seat qualify me for benefits included in the Annual Fund?

As a special offer included only in 2021, Name Your Seat donors will receive Annual Fund benefits included as part of their seat donation for one season.

Click HERE for a detailed list of benefits included at each seating price point.

What can I include in my seat inscription and how many characters can fit on a plaque?

Your plaque is approximately 7/8 inches by 2-1/2 inches and can accommodate up to two lines of 16 characters, including spaces. Memorialize your deep commitment to the Marcus Center by naming a seat in the newly renovated Uihlein Hall for yourself, a special person in your life or your organization.

Your plaque may feature the name of a person, family or your organization and can include “In Memory of” or “In Honor of”. Additional quotes and phrases cannot accompany names.

The Marcus Center has the right to reject any seat name where the proposed text for the engraved plaque contains unacceptable language and/or does not abide by the Center’s standards.

Where will the plaque be installed on my seat?

Your plaque will be installed on the aisle arm of the seat you name.
The name plaque remains in place for the next ten years.

Will I be able to sit in my seat(s) at every performance?

While we’re unable to guarantee that you’ll sit in your named seat during every single show you attend in Uihlein Hall at the Marcus Center, if requested, the Marcus Center team will make efforts to place you in your named seat(s).


Don't hesitate to reach out:

Jennifer Grokowsky, Development Associate
give@marcuscenter.org or 414.273.7121 x484