Marcus Performing Arts Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


COVID-19 Audience Screening Policy
Effective October 1, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions



Does this policy apply to all types of events (e.g., public/private, full/limited-capacity, etc.)?

This policy applies to all full capacity, public events at MPAC.


Does this policy apply to outdoor events?

No, this policy does not apply to outdoor events at this time.


Are masks required?

Yes, all guests 3 and older, must wear a mask that closely covers the mouth and nose while in the venue regardless of vaccination status. Masks must be worn in MPAC at all times unless actively eating or drinking.


What is required for children under 12?

Children under 12 are allowed into MPAC with an adult that meets vaccination or negative testing requirements. Children under 12 do not need to show proof of having received a COVID-19 vaccine or negative COVID-19 test results. All guests 3 and older, must wear a mask that closely covers the mouth and nose while in the venue.


How long will this policy be in effect for?

This policy is effective October 1, 2021 and will be in effect until further notice. MPAC will evaluate on a regular basis as CDC guidance and local conditions evolve. 

Does this policy apply to your employees and artists?

All MPAC employees and volunteers are required to be vaccinated. Artists are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated and practice social distancing whenever possible. All Artists are required to wear masks whenever they are not on stage.

What else has MPAC done to ensure audience safety?

  • MPAC has implemented significant operational changes to ensure patron safety.
  • MPAC Building Automation System (BAS) has been optimized to control the MPAC’s 24 variable speed fans, monitor system filters, humidity, outside air temperatures and continually introduce outside air into the building.  All building air is changed over every 17 minutes.
  • A state-of-the-art needlepoint ionization system from Global Plasma Solutions has been installed to clean the air and free it of particles that could be carrying and spreading bacteria, virus or other airborne particles.
  • Enhanced sanitation with professional-grade disinfectants are being used on all high-touchpoint common areas
  • Contactless ticketing and self-service ticket scanning pedestals are being used for reduced contact
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser stations are dispersed throughout the public and employee spaces of the MPAC
  • State-of-the art technology has been installed for security screening to limit contact required during entrance to MPAC for events



Are refunds offered for tickets purchased prior to October 1?

Requests for refunds will be accepted through the original point of purchase. All refunds must be requested no less than 1 week prior to the show date. Please contact MPAC Box Office for instruction at 414-273-7206 or


Can I receive a refund if I can’t attend a performance because of a positive test?

Yes, refunds will be available for patrons who receive a positive test, or for those who have been exposed and are waiting for test results. Please contact MPAC Box Office for instruction at 414-273-7206 or



What is acceptable proof of vaccination?

Acceptable proof of vaccination includes:

  • Physical vaccination card
  • Copy of vaccination card
  • Photo of vaccination card visibly showing the entire front of the card with date(s) of vaccination and individual's name that matches the patron’s ID.
  • Proof of vaccination must accompany a valid drivers license, state-issued ID or school ID, if the patron is under 18.

Do I need to show my vaccine card every time I see a show?

Screening for vaccination card or negative test will be required every time you attend a show at  MPAC until further notice.


Will you use an app for this validation?

MPAC is exploring options for vaccine and testing validation but has not identified a solution at this time.

On-site testing is available.
Take advantage of Early Screening!

Visit the 929 N. Water St entrance up to 3 hours prior to showtime to get your proof of vaccination or negative test pre-screened, then when you return for the show simply head through security and into the building!


I’ve had COVID. Do I still need to be tested or obtain a vaccine?

Everyone entering MPAC will need to provide proof of vaccine or negative test.


Will there be separate sections for vaccinated vs. unvaccinated patron

There will not be separate sections for people based on vaccination status.