Staff & Governance

Kendra Whitlock Ingram - President & Chief Executive Officer

Dick Hecht - VP of Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Rick Larson - Lead Engineer
Jim Dauer - Assistant Lead Engineer
Dan Collins - Engineer I
Andy Pfeifer - Engineer III
Jim Ross - Engineer III
David Sopinski – Electrician
Dao Vang - Engineer II


Laura Lenhart, CVE, CPA – VP of Finance & Administration


Morgan Fries – Director of Administrative Services
Faye Collins - Office Manager

Building Security
Jayson Wasielewski - Director of Security
Scott Zimny – Assistant Security Manager
Marcus Carriega – Security Guard
Eric Crocker – Security Guard
Carlos Emons – Security Guard
Javier Emons – Security Guard
Tim Goesch – Security Guard
Matt Haessly – Security Guard
Gregg Hagopian – Security Guard
Ashley Holt – Security Guard
Sally Marszalek – Security Guard
Michael McKee – Security Guard
Benson Phoumsavath – Security Guard
Robert Wroblewski – Security Guard

Reona Vang – Director of Finance
Quan Le – Accounting Associate
Cindy Ness - Accounting Coordinator
Pa Lee - Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Director of IT
Praveen Krishnamurti

Heidi Lofy - VP Experience & Engagement


Anthony D. Smith – Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion
Kelly Candotti – Director of Development
Jennifer Grokowsky - Development Associate

Event Services
Mark Barnes – Director of Event Services
Hilary Henrickson - Volunteer Manager
Michael Warren - Event Services Administrative Associate
Corinne Butler – Theater Manager
Greg Davis - Theater Manager
Shayla Finley - Theater Manager
Greta Lowry - Theater Manager

Facility Sales
John Hassig

Group Sales
John Barnes – Director of Group Sales
Keri-Ayn Hough - Group Sales Specialist

Beverly Beenen – Webmaster
Molly Sommerhalder – Public Relations Specialist
Mallori Taylor – Digital Marketing Associate

Madeline Santiago – Parking Manager
Jeff Daub – Supervisor
Laurie Selchert – Supervisor
Ron Young – Supervisor

John Hassig – Director of Programming
Mary Knight – Programming Associate

Stage Management
George Batayias – Director of Technical Services
Tony Puglielli – Assistant Technical Director
Matt Eyrise – Stagehand
Willie McClaren – Stagehand
Nick Symes – Stagehand

Jim Doyle – Director of Ticketing Services
Lineve Redlin – Ticketing Services Manager
Joe Jolly – Event Ticketing Supervisor
Felicia Jarosinski – Event Ticketing Supervisor
Chris Ouchie – Event Ticketing Supervisor
Bob Schaab – Ticketing Agent

Executive Officers:

Laura Gough, Board Chair
Raymond L. Wilson, Vice Chair & Chair Elect
Lori Craig, Secretary/Treasurer
Jerome M. Janzer, Immediate Past Chair

Board of Directors:

Jacqueline Herd-Barber
Tom Cardella
Marshall Chay
Lori A. Craig
Grady L. Crosby
Ted Dunham
Jay Hughes
Alex Lasry
Jacobo Lovo
Gladys Manzanet
David Marcus
Michelle Mattson
Janan Najeeb
Laurie Navarro
Kerry Sarder
Mark Slesar
Lynn Sprangers
Michael Stull
Portia Young