Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

The Marcus Center acts as an energizing force that connects our community to the world through collaboration, innovation, social engagement and the transformative power of live performing arts.

Our Vision

The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts is the region’s world-class gathering place for all.

Our Statement Of Guiding Values

The Marcus Center's statement of guided valuesWe Believe in Complete Customer Satisfaction
We strive to provide Marcus Center customers with a positive entertainment experience, from the time they contact us to purchase a ticket or plan an event, through the performance they see on stage or the event they attend, to the point they exit the parking structure.

We Believe in Being Smart Stewards of a Public Facility
We carry out the Center’s management functions in a fiscally responsible way, keeping our services and programs efficient, affordable and accessible. We will be sensitive to the resource limitations of our resident groups and of the need to provide good value for our customers’ entertainment dollars.

We Believe in Maintaining a State of the Art Entertainment Facility
We provide and maintain appropriate production technology, facility services and amenities of the highest quality.

We Believe in Providing Diverse Offerings of Arts and Entertainment
We recognize our customers vary in terms of interests and ability to pay for performances. We insure that the Center provides a variety of arts and entertainment offerings, reflective of diverse patron and community interests and within a broad range of prices.

We Believe in Teamwork and Respect and in Fostering Diversity in our Workforce and Board of Directors
We work as partners with our colleagues, resident groups and the community to carry out our mission. We believe in the strength of teamwork and we act with integrity to create mutual respect and trust. We also work toward achieving greater diversity in the Marcus Center’s work force and board.

We Believe in Sustaining Strong Community Support for the Arts
We provide leadership in educating the community about the importance of the performing arts to Milwaukee’s quality of life.