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Cantos de las Americas Event
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Cantos de las Americas - A Tribute to Education

Cantos de las Americas is an annual concert celebration, which honors the varied cultures that are represented by the students of Milwaukee Public Schools. Historically, the concert features students performing songs and dances from the Caribbean, Africa, Latina America and Europe, in addition to the Hmong, Laotian and Native American cultures.


This celebration will take you on a magical journey in which many of the world’s cultures harmoniously converge to the laughter, pride and joy of performing students. Several teachers, parents and school administrators work tirelessly to meticulously choreograph and practice these performances.


How to Participate in the Program

Cantos de las Americas is free and open to the public. Seating in Uihlein Hall is on a first come, first serve basis. Schools that participate in this program have registered with the Cantos de las Americas Planning Committee and their respective school leaders.


More Information / Funding Opportunities

For more information about Cantos de las Americas – A Tribute to Education, or for funding opportunities, please contact Bridgett Gonzalez, Director of Diversity & Community Engagement at 414.273.7121 ext. 211 or


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